Welcome to MathsSupper, a site for students in Scotland who want more than just a bitesize nibble of maths.

I strongly believe that maths is not a subject you can learn just by reading books and memorising flashcards. You need to actually do it. Whether you’re learning a new topic or revising for a test/exam, spend some time working on sample questions.

This site contains revision notes, questions and worked examples for the various topics at the different exam levels. This site is meant to help you to revise and practise what you’ve already been taught, it is not intended to replace your textbook/classes/teacher!

The site is written by Trevor Mendham, an experienced tutor in Edinburgh. I’ve tried to check everything here carefully, but I make mistakes the same as you do. If you find an error in my answers, feel free to let me know.

Maths topics by exam level:

This site is currently under construction with new study content being added frequently. You might want to bookmark it and return later for more maths help.

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